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Hi! I'm Kate. I'm a wife to Sam, Mum to Ava & Tom living in beautiful Brisbane, Australia.
I'm founder of The Love Club, a membership for couples who want to get intentional about celebrating their relationship.

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50 Date Night Ideas you can do from home to spark quality conversation and deep connection.

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For busy couples who want a rock solid relationship for life. 

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Hear stories from real couples about how they make it work, and advice to help us along our way.

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The online program for couples wanting to bring back the joy into their relationship by intentionally connecting every week.

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"My partner and I know we are a team but often life gets in the way and our relationship comes last. 

I want a marriage with my best friend and for us to be a strong couple...always! The Love Club has been really essential to my growth in my relationship. I know this will be something that I will continually go back to for a refresher, so the biggest heartfelt thank you!"

TLC opened a door for us to have more in-depth conversations


"My fiancé and I have really enjoyed discussing the topics covered in the TLC Method. It's helped us understand each other better. The lessons are beautifully presented and easy to access on the go from the app. We feel prepared to take on any challenges that come our way, and we love having lifetime access so we can revisit the topics in the future as our lives change together. It's an absolutely amazing resource! Thank you Kate." 

TLC Method helped us understand each other better


"Going through the trainings in The Love Club Method really helped us to resolve conflict effortlessly in our relationship. We  now have communication skills that have helped our relationship feel calmer and more exciting. It's so nice having a resource to keep our relationship healthy and strong."

TLC method helped us resolve conflict effortlessly



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